Dear Home Buyer:

I was looking at the collection of inspection reports that I have accumulated over the years and, based on around 250 inspections a year for the last 15 years, I have conducted 4,000 to 5,000 home and property inspections.

Many prospective customers whom we speak with have come to believe that the term "certified home inspector" is the same as being "licensed" or "sanctioned" by a controlling legal authority. Inspectors who graduate from programs sold by NASHI, NACHI, and ASHI are considered, by those training groups, to be "certified" upon completion of course work but they are not "licensed" or "certified" or "sanctioned" or held to performance and educational standards by the State of Michigan in the same way that Realtors™ or licensed building contractors are. While it is entirely possible to learn how to inspect a home, we do not believe that such training, without construction trades experience and continuing education, can replace the level of inspection that David Rohman Home Inspection Service offers.

The price of our inspections is determined by my sales interview with the prospective customer and are based upon the location of the property, the size of the property, whether the dwelling sits on a crawl space or slab or basement, the need for well and septic inspection or water tests or radon testing. My reports are immediate if the customer attends the inspection. I am happy to show the buyer how systems function, how long those systems should perform and a range of the cost of repairs, replacement or remediation. I take photographs and generate a summary which refers to the pictures of areas of concern. I email the results to the customer and mail hard copies to them via USPS. We are available by phone each day, including most weekends. Because I give my customers all of my attention when I am with them, I do not take my cell phone into meetings or inspections but return voice messages within a couple of hours. My office is also available to take my calls when I am with customers: 989-773-4152. We can also be contacted via email at:


Looking forward to working with you,


David Rohman Home Inspection Service and Rohman Builders, Incorporated